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5 Secrets of Super Successful Video Marketing

1. Center it Around the Story, Not The Sale There is so much clutter on the internet and that is where some customers get tangled into when your not involved. When your approach is centered around the story and not the sale you show the value clearly and engage more. Make the most of the emotive power of video by appealing to your consumers’ needs and hidden desires. You can always place a strategic and relevant call to action alongside a tracked URL at the end of your video. 2. Make it the Best first 10 Seconds Ever Short and to the point – that’s what the video experts are recommending. Our advice? Get right to the grit of the story and manage expectations early (within the first 5 to 10

B2B and B2C customer acquisition increase with storytelling!

When it comes to building sales relationships with new clients, storytelling is invaluable for three key purposes: delivering information, persuading customers, and creating a personal connection. Buyers are looking for ‘cues’ and ‘signals’ that the seller is "trustworthy". Stories are a credible form of communication capable of delivering such cues. The difference between a persuasive argument and a good story is that a story casually links events or relatable situations, rather than forcing an agenda. So, don’t forget to think like a storyteller when you are focused on making an argument or outlining benefits and features for a potential customer. Storytelling can squash the skeptic in you

Why is online video marketing valuable for business?

When it comes to potential audience reach locally or globally, video is priceless. Are you looking for more sales, product buyers or more awareness for endowments toward the social impact of your business? Whatever your goal you can reach it now more effectively through social media management with quality video. YouTube receives more than 4,950,000,000 unique visitors per day. – that's more than any other channel. Not far behind are the billions of daily hits from Facebook,Instagram SnapChat, Twitter and many others. When expert creators mix their passion, skill and the right timing into engaging video it spreads like wildfires and that content becomes a trending success online. Video can h

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