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Advertising has changed, except one thing!

With the recent pandemic, marketing and advertising have changed. Not only has the pandemic affected the way people spend their money, but it how they consume advertising as well. These changes have also affected how businesses reach potential customers.

But while you may have thought about how your marketing campaign strategy has altered, there is one thing about advertising that has not changed, and that's how your audience should see your brand.

Now, more than ever, companies need to focus on how they come off as authentic to their audience. And this article will show how you and Next Level 24/7 can work together to build the ultimate marketing campaign that will work in 2021.

Importance of being relatable in your marketing strategy

Why is it essential to be relatable to your audience? As a business, you need your customers' trust. Without it, you won't be able to see your goals accomplished by the end of your marketing campaigns. But unfortunately, people always have a hard time trusting a business that they don't know or understand.

This is where relatability comes in.

Your business should show its authenticity to potential customers to make them take the desired actions you want them to. And with the pandemic, customers are now demanding more authenticity from a business like yours.

One of the best ways to do this is directly through your advertising. By showing that you care through video ads, social media posts, or blogs, your business will efficiently relate to your audience.

Going Digital

When the pandemic hit in early 2020, nobody knew just how much it would affect the market. COVID-19 brought everyone inside to stay safe, and because of that, more people began using online software and streaming services to keep themselves productive and entertained. In-person sales and events stopped too. But on the other hand, digital engagement and usage skyrocketed.

In July of last year, it was revealed that more than half the world now used social media. TikTok beat Facebook with monthly hours spent by users, and platforms such as Instagram and YouTube continued to grow as more features were revealed.

As a result of this challenge, businesses have changed their advertising methods, putting more of their budget into digital formats than ever before. In a study by Singular, 76% of the 350 CMOs asked stated that holistic digital marketing was now the priority. And with customers using the social platforms to research products, companies who aim to make their online presence more prominent with digitally exclusive campaigns will build lasting customer relationships throughout 2021.

Next Level 24/7 can help you create social media campaigns that take advantage of this 2021 digital trend by significantly building your business's social presence on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter,

and more.

Budget spending power has been wavy

But that wasn't the only thing that changed.

With the loss of jobs and more people struggling to find work or pay their employees, fewer households and individuals had the money to spend on products and services as the year went on.

Households and businesses did get a small break with the 2 trillion economic relief plan that sent out $1,200 across the US. But while the stimulus package helped for a time, as the pandemic raged on, spending power went up and down again. The unstable income of consumers dictated their spending habits. So, instead of buying from any brand, customers only spent their money on companies

they trusted.

Businesses also struggled with a lower budget spent on advertising. In July of 2020, Media investment company GroupM predicted that by the end of the same year, advertising spending would significantly decline 13%. Due to this challenge, marketers created advertising campaigns that focused more on building relationships with existing customers than reaching new ones.

4 Ways your business can be relatable

So, now you may want to know how exactly you can make your business more relatable. Here are a few ideas that you can apply to your next marketing campaign.

  • Build a community

Since social media is being used more now than ever, businesses need to take advantage of the platforms by building a community. Create a marketing campaign that revolves around your customers. Inform them by posting behind the scenes content of your business, products, or upcoming events. You can also celebrate your customers by posting UGC (User-generated content) to both gather data and interact with your audience. This method shows that your brand is in touch with your audience and sees them among the millions of other users on the platform.

  • Help with problems and questions

Your marketing campaigns should also show that you are open to answering any questions your customers may have. Also, reassure them that you will help them with any problem they may have with anything. Make sure to state that you're here to offer support on the landing page, emails, or advertisements. Be open to your community and let them know that they can trust your business with their time and money.

  • Show diversity and cause

The pandemic wasn't the only thing that changed how businesses advertised to their customers. Political and social unrest forced many to comes to terms with what they believed. Companies also openly made marketing campaigns that spoke to a more diverse range of people. Studies show that customers who see themselves represented in a good light will more likely buy from that company. These studies also showed that 43% of customers are willing to buy from another company if your business does not follow their values. So, to express more of your brand's authenticity, create advertising campaigns that target diverse groups and individuals.


The 2020 pandemic affected marketers and advertising significantly, forcing companies to rethink their marketing campaigns and budget. To overcome these challenges and have a successful marketing campaign, your business needs to reach out to existing customers to build trust. And this can successfully be done by creating a marketing campaign that is relatable, genuine, and authentic to customers. Don't miss out on these 2021 advertising changes, and schedule a meeting and get a quote with Next Level 24/7 to create a marketing campaign that will build a lasting business that you can be proud of :


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