Our goal is to help you close more of the high-value cases you know your law firm is capable of handling. As such, we may need to adjust your existing marketing strategy.


Yet this doesn’t mean you must start over. Instead, we show you what can be done right away to position your practice so your legal services appeal to your best potential clients.

You see, even if you have a successful law firm, you have growth opportunities that you can’t see. You’re just too close to your business. It’s for this reason clients use us to reach higher levels of impact and profitability. All In Client Focused Crisp Difference Results Oriented

1. Brand your firm 


We can create a video showcase of your firm for your website, social media or trade show. We can go into your true motivations for being a lawyer and why you are different from the rest. Or, let us produce client testimonial videos to show your potential clients your success stories.  If you're actively seeking attorney referrals, we can produce a video to tell other firms the benefits of referring a specific type of case to your firm. We can also help give your firm's lobby a professional look with a custom-designed digital sign. Re-enactments are also possible.

4. Settlement Documentaries

Next Level 24/7 settlement documentaries help you settle cases faster for maximum damages. Our passionate storytellers communicate the strength of your case to defense counsel and insurance adjustors through a compelling documentary.

Our team includes broadcast television professionals who are experts in their craft. Our documentaries look like something you'd see on prime time network news.

Next Level 24/7  has produced literally hundreds of documentaries on just about every type of case. Each one is custom crafted. Chances are, we've worked on a case like yours.

Settlement documentaries are created specifically for mediation and are not designed to be admissible in court. Our clients send the documentaries to opposing counsel in advance of mediation or play it during the session.

What can I include in a settlement documentary?

  • Interviews

  • Home video

  • Video of your client's activities of daily living

  • Video deposition excerpts

  • Surveillance video

  • Photographs

  • Police reports

  • Key documents

  • Animation

  • 911 Audio Recordings

  • Re-enactment Demonstrations

  • Awards/Certificates

  • Any media that helps present your case