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7 Ways to win against Zoom fatigue & clear it

Zoom and social multi conferences has become almost second nature in our lines of work these days. Morning, Midday and Evening meetings are so much more frequent now than ever before. It's important to stay balanced and give yourself you keep your social interactions controlled to not be overwhelmed.

Zoom fatigue is tiredness, worry or burnout associated with the overuse of virtual platforms of communication, particularly videoconferencing.

Combating “Zoom Fatigue” is different for everyone, so think about what you’re both willing and able to change in your virtual meeting life. Here are some top tips that can help:

1. Try to leave 15-30 minutes between calls to give yourself a video break. You deserve a fresh breath of air, not just a bathroom break. Take a short walk outdoors or even do stretches around your home if you can.

2. Make sure your meetings have an organized end time and stick to the schedule.

3. Adjust your computer settings to minimize your screen options—so faces are smaller.

4. Some settings allow you to “hide self” so you are seen by others, but not by yourself.

5. Get some remote headphones or earbuds. so you can turn your video off, and get up and walk around in a quiet area if you don't need the computer for on hand materials.

6. Suggest an audio call to switch it up instead of a video conference. You’d be surprised how many people will welcome this!

7. Use email or chat messages for information transfer — to cut down (or shorten) meetings when you can. That helps reserve your video calls for meetings that require work done together.

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