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  • Why should I hire Next Level 24/7?
    Next Level 24/7 has been trusted by over 100 brands over the years to deliver high-quality, on-time creative work. Your focus should be on how to scale your business and how to run it more profitably. You shouldn't be worrying if your website is being built using today's standards or the latest software. Our team stays on the cutting edge of tech, so you don't have to. Technical challenges should not be a consideration of yours. We leverage the best technology that gives our clients the best systems and at the best prices. Our passion is creating for our clients and seeing them happy with our deliverables. Everyone has different goals and vision, our duty is to bring all of your great thoughts to life by combining your vision with our skills and developing a transformational project together. Our satisfied clients keep us going every day and That's Next Level!
  • Will there be a dedicated account manager for my company?
    Yes, there will be an expert specifically assigned to your company to listen to your needs and assist you in our process of creating for you. It's important for us to maintain a hands-on approach to ensure your priorities are met.
  • Does Next Level 24/7 have experts?
    Our team is smart, creative and cutting edge. Take the best creators from Los Angeles and bring them into an environment that encourages individuality, creativity and growth. Our Next Level team primarily works remotely, unless we're at our studio location or on set doing photography or videography, this minimizes overhead passing on the savings to customers with real optimized quality.
  • Does Next Level 24/7 service Small Business Clients?
    We're constantly building world-class projects for our small business clients. Our evolving experience ensures we are always ready to offer you the best packages, latest design trends, and features.
  • Does Next Level 24/7 have flexible hours for Customer Service?
    Our team wants to hear from you. We will always return your phone call, email, or text within 24 hours.
  • Does Next Level 24/7 service Non Profit clients?
    Next Level 24/7 holds in-depth knowledge of what Non-Profit organizations need from Web Design and Video Campaigns. Our talented specialists will work with your Non-Profit organization to create a bold online presence that expands your reach, tells your unique story, and drives interest from volunteers and donors.
  • Does Next Level 24/7 service Corporate Clients?
    At Next Level 24/7 we know what it takes to create a lasting online presence, that stands out. Our team of highly skilled design experts is committed to helping businesses like yours develop and maintain engaging content that turns potential leads into loyal customers.
  • Is Next Level 24/7 certified for Local, State and Government Contracting?
    Yes, we are certified and currently have our NMSDC- MBE, DGS, SB, SB-PW, and LSBE. We also collaborate and partner with MBEs and Corporations to qualify, secure, and execute on RFPs and BIDs.
  • How long has Next Level 24/7 been serving clients?
    Next Level 24/7 was started almost a decade ago, we created our Headquarters in Pasadena, CA. We started this company with a small group of visionaries and we have been scaling our business ever since.
  • Can you create a logo for my business?
    We create the most authentic expression of your company. Our Logo design services are true to your brand's purpose and a level above the rest. We anticipate your needs and craft a visual identity that reflects who you are as an organization.
  • How can I make my brand powerful?
    We conduct a detailed brand analysis. After we discover who your customers are and what sets your company apart, we develop the creative elements that will be used for marketing. We keep in mind how each element should look, feel, or sound for creativity to reach its highest peaks.
  • Why is a brand so important?
    A brand is how people perceive and experience your product or services. This is how you differentiate yourself from your competitors and build trust with your customers. A strong brand will inspire loyalty among employees as well as encourage more sales.
  • What is brand identity?
    Brand identity is the visible elements such as color, shapes, logo, tone, and design that make you stand out in an over-saturated market.
  • What do branding services include?
    Branding has many features but there are 5 key elements. Promise Position in the market Personality traits of the brands' voice Design style Story (Your Why?)
  • Can you create a campaign for my brand?
    Campaigns are essential for brands once marketing begins. We help establish our client's products and services by developing finely tailored and timely services, highlighting your own unique voice to be a trendsetter in today's ever-growing market.
  • What is the process involved in creating a Video?
    Strategic Thinking, Smart Production & Effective Distribution 1. Determine the business objectives, target audience & marketing opportunities. 2. Pre-Production: Developing the blueprint and script (Writing) 3. Production: We go into production to make the Video. (Shooting/Filming) 4. Post Production: We edit what we shot and filmed. (Editing) 5. Delivery: A quality Video delivered on time at the deadline. 6. Distribution: We post on all forms of social media, email blasts, text blasts, TV, or Podcast promotion.
  • How many types of Video can we create?
    We have over 40 different types of creative content Video ideas :
  • How much does a Video cost?
    By working with you to analyze your business needs, we determine where energy should be spent and prioritize those elements that make sense for your goals and your budget. Prices are custom and vary per customer's preferences. When looking for a price, it’s important to keep in mind there are well over 30 different production elements that affect a budget. The easiest and most direct approach is to fill out our Quote Form and we’d love to work through the details with you. This is our collaboration process that will create a win/win situation.
  • How long does it take to create a Website?
    When we create a custom website, time could vary per client depending on specific needs. We take quality care in defining your goals, objectives and delivering you the best digital results for your target market. Our team usually ranges from 3 - 7 weeks to create a fully functional and User friendly website for both mobile and computer versions. *We have a rush order service available where our team will work overtime in a 7 Day turnaround for a custom quote.
  • What are the services included in Web Design?
    A standard design Web Development package includes: Website Analysis, Pre Design; Front End Development; Backend Work (like databases or server integration) You may also include other services to your package like content creation for your Social Media presence, on platforms that you don't have a strong following in (Instagram, Facebook) or SEO if the site needs to target specific keywords which will help it rank higher in search engines like Google.
  • What are the basic elements of Web Design?
    The overall aesthetic appearance of a website keeps your audience scrolling. To keep your audience's attention, web designers have to make sure the website is user-friendly, provides the right information on services offered, and provides emphasis on certain aspects of the brand to stand out. It is also important to ensure that the website is easy to navigate and has an organized format that will be appealing to the user.
  • How much does a Website cost?
    By working with you to analyze your business needs, we determine where energy should be spent and prioritize those elements that make sense for your goals and your budget. Prices are custom and vary per customer's preferences. When looking for a price, it’s important to keep in mind there are many different web elements that affect a budget. The easiest and most direct approach is to fill out a Quote Form and we’d love to work through the details with you. This is our collaboration process that will create a win/win situation.
  • Why is SEO important?
    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In the simplest of terms, good SEO optimizes your visibility online. (More people will find you!)
  • Does my site need an SEO strategy?
    An effective SEO strategy builds your brand, boosts credibility, and promotes trustworthiness in the eyes of potential customers. Incorporating well-researched keywords in your web pages could boost traffic to your site and increase the chance of connecting with customers.
  • Can you guarantee a #1 ranking on Google?
    The easiest way to separate a salesman from a legitimate SEO Web Design company is to ask if they can guarantee a #1 ranking. In reality, nobody can guarantee a #1 ranking for the most competitive keyword searches. There are many elements of a campaign that cannot be controlled, there are millions of businesses listed every year. We do know what it takes to move up on the Google pages, which is consistent high-quality content creation, targeted links, keywords on your website, as well as blog posts. Over time the algorithm will be in your favor increasing your ranking for your target market in your area. There are two types of SEO marketing : White Hat: Results take time through content creation, links, keywords, and blogs but your website will grow organically and will not risk being penalized or banned from Google. Black Hat: Techniques and strategies that attempt to break the search engine's rules in an attempt to secure high ranking. Even though these may work short-term, the advanced search engines will find them and penalize or even ban those sites completely.
  • What are the benefits of Social Media?
    Your business will have unlimited reach at any time of the day and the potential to access and build an engaging relationship with your customers. More benefits include; free advertising for your services, direct feedback, and results for your product and services. It is also a great way to share expert knowledge that your audience may not know about or they could just be interested in learning more from you.
  • What are the best Marketing strategies?
    Educational Marketing content is one of the best ways to grab your audience's attention. The best way to do this is by taking time to personalize your message and get to know your clientele through research on social media feeds to be better acquainted with their brand and make sure each message you provide has a greater impact on their consumers.
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