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Using SEO keywords to make your website rank higher on Google

Why optimize your website for keywords?

The goal for the user is to do more: read more, buy more, and spend more time on your website. A simple way you can improve your small business in these categories is to optimize your website for multiple SEO keywords. We'll help you to research the ideal keywords, a perfect title, meaningful content, and a clickable descriptions that will all contribute to achieving the most promoted website and improve your small business.

Keyword Rank

The most important first step is to gather a couple of keywords that fit your business’s niche. Find at least 3-5 related phrases that you can incorporate into the entire website. For example, if you have a fitness training website, here are some suggested phrases:

Not related:
  • body training

  • seeking adventure

  • body weight

Closely related:
  • fitness training positive reinforcement

  • fitness motivations

Very related:
  • training services

  • fitness training services

  • physical training through movement

Think about what your website is aiming to offer, and use the phrases you come up with to help direct users to your website’s specific strengths. Your website offers something unique, and you want these keywords to represent the distinctive identity of your website, honestly and professionally.

The Perfect Title

In order to lure the reader into learning more about your business and content, you will need an optimized title. You can and should fit your phrases in each title for your website. Multi-keyword targeting needs to be well intended in the title to keep the reader on the page long enough for them to read below or interact with the other pages.

Think of your title as the hook for your website; if readers are intrigued, they will continue to read, and maybe even bookmark the page for future use. Then, possibly purchase your advertised product as well. Your website tags and suggested pages should also include your specific SEO keywords in the title. It should be simple and direct, yet interesting and persuasive.

Meaningful Content

Search engine optimization in today’s age is heavy on meaning, instead of crafty insertion of one or two words repetitively. Google is so intelligent now that the intent of the searcher is much more important, especially for local, small businesses. Relevancy is everything, and Google will put more weight on this content over others.

A Clickable Description

Multi keyword targeting works well if the user has a clear description of the website page. If the homepage of your dog training website pops up, it should include your SEO keywords right below the link in short, revealing description.

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