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Cures for your business to survive Covid-19! (8 key ideas to take action now)

Rebuild, Reorganize and Re-strategize your Business

Our aim for this post is to give businesses key ways to regain and attract new clientele.

We know a lot of businesses are struggling out there, but this is not the time to give up on the business that you have built from the ground up. Now is the time to keep your brand alive, stay strong and empower each other to get through this current crisis.

One suggestion is to invest more time and resources in your Marketing efforts. As many companies and competitors suffer major impact in their operations due to being shutdown. Their is a huge market of potential customers and buyers becoming available.

Investing in Marketing to generate more sales will gain a competitive advantage right now and can help to sustain in the months ahead and years to come.

Here are 8 key ways to revamp your business with a fresh new outlook:

  • Engage and put focus back into your community - send email blasts or reach out on social media platforms to let your customers know your business is open

  • Create a new welcome back commercial and Marketing campaign

  • Flash Sale aka Lower prices 10%-50% off deals (i.e. cut down prices once a week)

  • Customer Appreciation Day, Event or Campaign (i.e. Sunday Sunday, new fresh recipes on the menu to sample and fun activities to participate in)

  • Come up with new material, new photos and videos

  • Attractive Website and user friendly experience

  • Flexibility in opening early and closing late

  • Offer 1 on 1 virtual meetings and services based on their needs

These are tips that we believe will elevate your business. Reach out to us at

Next Level 24/7 or 626-790-9095 we are happy to schedule an appointment.

Let's develop a strategy for your business to grow.

Here are some additional resources to build capital during these unprecedented times:

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