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Here's how to understand Twitter Lingo

We have had many very intelligent clients ask about the language of social media and how to understand it. That is why we have taken time to compile a starter list to help you understand the basics of Twitter communications before our first meeting :

  • Tweet: A tweet is a post that appears on the social network known as Twitter. Tweets may contain links, photos and videos, but they are limited to 140 characters of text. When used as a verb, to tweet is the act of sending a tweet.

  • Timeline: Your home timeline is a real-time display of tweets from the accounts you follow.

  • Retweet: See a tweet you like? Simply click or tap the retweet button to send it to your followers.

  • @: This sign is used to call out usernames, such as when you mention another user in a tweet or send that user a message.

  • Reply: When you want to respond to another person’s tweet, click or tap the reply icon next to that tweet

  • Follow: When you see another Twitter account that interests you—and you’d like to make it a regular thing—simply click or tap the follow icon next to the account name on that profile.

  • Hashtag: When the # symbol precedes a word or phrase, it’s called a hashtag. Simply click or tap on a hashtag to see other tweets with the same keyword or topic. This groups your messages, photos and videos into your own cloud where people can access just by entering your custom hashtag. It is widely used for trend setting and viral breaking news.

For more hands on tips reachout to us

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